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May 18, 2017




Hi guys! Every time I do a consultation or a makeup application, the one thing clients always ask is for my top beauty secrets. The truth is, I have five holy grail habits that I stand by. While everyone has their own secrets and tricks, I thought I'd throw mine out there to share the wealth. Remember ladies, theres nothing prettier than a happy girl!




You guys probably think I'm kidding with this one, but if theres one tip I'm the most adamant about its this one. Everyone's pulled an all nighter, and knows the feeling of being groggy all day, with under eye circles that make it looked like you got socked in the face, and an attitude that is less than pleased. No one likes that feeling, and the truth is, your body probably likes it less than you do. By getting your proper amount of sleep, not only are you waking up happy and healthier, but your allowing your body to rejuvenate. Your body will thank you for this in ways that you'll find more than pleasing. Those dark circles will lighten, your skin will glow more, and I promise you'll be ready to tackle the day with eight or more hours under your belt. Do yourself a favor and cozy up, the results are more than satisfying, and who doesn't love a good nights rest?




Do you want to hear a dirty secret? Vaseline is your best friend for removing makeup. Not only does it work like a charm to get rid of even the toughest of waterproof products, but it also promotes hair growth. For years now I've been applying vaseline to my eyebrows and my eyelashes. This keeps them moisturized and promotes growth. For those of you looking to save a little, you can buy a tub of vaseline, invest in some dark colored wash cloths and wa-la, you've got yourself re-useable makeup wipes! Be sure to use a fresh wash cloth every time you remove your makeup, and wash them in between uses. 




Don't get me wrong, there are still fabulous foundation brushes on the market. I constantly find myself switching back and forth between applying my foundation with a brush or a sponge. But no matter how much I may love my foundation brush at the moment, I'll always go back to my makeup sponge because the truth is, it gives the most flawless and natural finish that no brush can compete with. When you dampen your sponge, it ensures that your makeup will go on looking dewy, not heavily, and gives an overall more natural finish. Personally, I like a fuller coverage face so I have to be careful of cake face. But every time I use the sponge, it never fails me. Not only is it perfect for applying foundation but it can also apply powders such as your bronzers, blushes, or highlighters. The pricing on sponges ranges from drug store to high-end. Of course everyone's heard of the Beauty Blender, and this sponge is fantastic. But for those of you looking for a more cost effective tool, I also recommend a sponge that is made by Eco Tools. It's green and can be found in your local drugstore. However, with that being said, don't be afraid to go out there and try various sponges. There are TONS on the market, and you never know, you might find a hidden gem.


Cleaning Brushes:


This is super important! Having good quality brushes goes a long way. Likewise, taking care of those brushes is essential and will help you to get everything you can out of your beauty tools. Whether its your foundation brush, eyeshadow brush, or even your foundation sponge, I recommend you wash your brushes thoroughly every one to two weeks. In the mean time, spot clean your brushes. My favorite on the spot brush cleaner is by MAC. It's super simple and ensures that you're using clean brushes!


Pillow Case:


Don't be alarmed, but everyone loses skin particles. Not only do you shed dead skin cells, but some of us drool in our sleep, tear up, or sweat. These are all natural, but it leads to a build up on your pillow. Don't let it gross you out, but do be cautious that if you're breaking out, it might be a sign that it is time to clean your pillow case and your sheets. This will help significantly in clearing your skin. On that note, for those of you looking to wake up with fabulous hair, a silk pillow case helps to prevent hair breakage! 


Thats it! These tips aren't jaw dropping, but I hope they gave you a little perspective that the small things all add up and impact you in one way or another! At the end of the day, whether its lash extensions or makeup, TAC Cosmetics has the interest of its clients at heart. I have no problem sharing my "secrets" with you guys, because a happy and healthy client is the best client! So take these fives tips in stride and get to it!




Tatiana Cuneo, founder of  TAC Cosmetics


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